The Easiest Way To Store Your Stuff
Easy Store Portable Storage
If you have need for storage, EASY STORE™ caters for anything from boats to documents.
We have a simple and convenient solution for you. Our professional drivers will deliver empty storage containers right to your door, you pack them at your own pace, and when you are done we will pick them up and store them in our secure, state of the art warehouse.
Mobile all-weather containers
Our system is unique in that our containers are mobile. Mobile in the sense that they are loaded on the back of a low-bed truck by means of a forklift and offloaded in the same manner at their destination. This equates to minimal handling and the safe transportation of your goods from our warehouse to your door and back again.

We also offer an addition packing service, whereby our professional crews can assist with packing and loading containers under your supervision.
We guarantee your goods will be dry, safe and secure
All containers are stored in a lock-up warehouse, with an alarm system which is linked to a 24-hour armed response company. The premises are fenced and floodlit at night.

Our warehouse is also equipped with an overhead sprinkler system, fire hose reels, fire extinguishers and fire hydrants in the event of an emergency.